Basement and Crawl Space Cleaning

Basement Crawl Space Cleaning Service


Most homeowners are not aware of the benefits of crawl space maintenance. As a result, they allow crawl space areas to diminish their efficiency and air quality. They also allow harmful toxins and germs in their house.But don’t fret.

Our basement crawl space cleaning team at Attic Cleaning LA offers professional cleaning, insulation and vapor barriers services. We spent many years of servicing families and businesses through our high-quality crawl space services.

Clean It

The crawl space area in your house is one of the most ignored areas of your property. Our team at Attic cleaning LA often finds these areas in complete disarray. Without proper maintenance, these areas can cause enormous problems. But there is nothing that we cannot handle.

Call Our Pros

If the area is infested or contaminated with animals, make sure to call our experts.

You will also need our basement crawl space cleaning service if your property has wet or moldy insulation or insufficient insulation.

We can replace vapor barriers and remove moldy smells in your basement.

Our professional crawl space team will crawl into that space and eliminate those problems. We can remove, not just dirty insulation, but also feces, debris, rotten wood, and anything that could degrade the air quality of your house. After cleaning those areas, you will have properly insulated, sealed and cleaned crawl space.

Why Bother With Crawl Space Cleaning?

A dirty unsealed crawl space is a place where pests and allergens thrive. When there is moisture in this area, it allows mold and mildew to grow. It also attracts pests to your home. As a result, it increases allergies, thereby, worsening your asthma symptoms. Not only that. It depresses your immune system.

Another reason you must consider cleaning your house’s crawl space by a professional is that a drafty crawl space will cause heat to escape from your house. When there is so much air pulled from that area, your house will have difficulty keeping the temperatures up. You will also experience having drafty rooms and high energy bills. It is especially true during the hot or cold months.

Let Our Experts Eradicate These Problems

Our basement crawl space cleaning professionals are excited to work with you, wherever you are in LA. We always take precautions to make sure that the inside and outside of your building will remain to have a healthy environment from the time we arrive and the moment we leave.

Call our experts today to get a quote.