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For many years, our team at Attic Cleaning LA has been providing our clients superior attic inspection, cleaning and insulation removal services to commercial and residential owners. If your house or office is tainted with rodents, you should consider having your attic cleaned by our professional attic cleaners.Remember that rodents thrive in the attic and make their nests there. But this can result in serious health issues. After inspecting your attic, we can recommend the services that you need to ensure that your house or office attic will be free of rodents and other pests. We will also decontaminate areas of the attic where pests had been throughout.

Here are some of the benefits of hiring us over the other attic cleaning companies:

Licensed And Insured

The attic inspectors at Attic Cleaning LA are professionals and experts. Not only that. They are also licensed and insured, so you do not have to worry anything when they work on your house’s or office’s attic. Our professionals will approach each task in a highly efficient and professional manner. At Attic Cleaning LA, our goal is to take care of all our clients’ rodent problems. We ensure that their home or office is left clean and safe so they can breathe healthier air.

Affordable Attic Cleaning and Attic Insulation Service

We only offer competitive pricing for all our services, including attic inspection. Despite the reasonable price, you can expect to receive high-quality results.


Our attic inspection team takes the job seriously. We can provide a warranty that covers any unforeseen events as a result of our service.

Excellent Quality

What separates us from average companies is that we only offer superior quality services. We will not stop until you are fully satisfied with the results.

You can also hire us if you are planning to purchase a house. Our attic inspection team can evaluate the house’s attic to ensure that you are buying a property that is free of rodents or pests in the attic.

Our attic inspectors will examine the attic’s structure and identify any damages. Keep in mind that if there is damage to the rafters or trusses, it can crack and break in no time. If it uses inferior wood quality, it can easily deteriorate causing the roof to sag and leak.

Our team will also inspect the building’s insulation. It should be properly insulated with the necessary insulation materials suitable for the climate.

Crawling into the attic can be very uncomfortable. Allow our attic inspectors to crawl into this area and make sure that there are no skeletons in it that can haunt the integrity of your house or building.